Licking Peoples Faces

Licking peoples facesWhy Dogs Lick Peoples Faces?

Dogs like licking peoples faces, because they are being affectionate. They also know that being affectionate, will lead to a belly rub or a lot of attention from their owners or others.  It is also something they do naturally.

It also is a sign of respect to the dogs owner.  They see us as their parent and they are the child; so to speak.  Very social dogs on the other hand, lick everyone all the time.  When dogs are puppies they will lick everyone who holds them.

Some people who aren’t pet owners, do not like it when a dog will lick their face.  They think of all the germs that the dog has picked up from outside or by sniffing other dogs.  But there have been some studies that say that a dogs saliva, may have an antibacterial effect.  Dogs also lick their own wounds when they get hurt.


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