Reasons Dogs Bury Bones

Reasons why dogs bury bones

Reasons Why Dogs Bury Bones

The reasons why dogs bury bones is because they are natural diggers.  Usually, when dogs have their stomachs full and when there are leftovers, dogs will look for a place to bury it for later consumption.

When my dog is full after a meal and I give him a treat afterwards, I watch him looking for a place in my house to hide it.  If I have a blanket on my sofa, he will go through the digging motion on the blanket.  When he isn’t successful, he carries it in his mouth around the room.

Most house dogs that I know don’t bury bones in their backyards anymore, but do try to hide their toys or treats under beds or behind things, etc.  But if they were to see an outdoor dog digging in the yard, you can bet that the dog that never dug outside will copy the other dog.  Dogs are imitators of other dogs.

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